Data Analysis Training In Abuja Nigeria

If you want to become a professional in data analysis, then this practical hands-on Data Analysis Training In Abuja Nigeria is for is for you

Data Analysis training in Abuja is where you enjoy practical hands training on systematically applying statistical and or logical processes of inspecting, condensing, recapping, transforming and modeling data to ensure data integrity and inform conclusions.

Have you ever desired to study Data Analysis but thought it was very impossible and complicated, no fears or worries anymore, here at Computer Training School Nigeria, we offer the best and have the best training team. Big data is Big business, and it’s going to get data.

Our curriculum here at Computer Training School Abuja provides hands-on experience with using data to conclude, make recommendations, and present data in an influential way _ thereby empowering leaders with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Acquire the technical and conceptual analytical skills you need to make high-quality decisions and answer your toughest questions.

Data Analysis Training In Abuja Nigeria

Data Analysis Training in Nigeria equips and prepares you with the right training and practical knowledge that organizations and the world need for you to excel at the great opportunities presented to you.

Why should you learn Data Analysis

Understanding data analysis and statistics is the key competence in the job market in this 21st century. Data analysis is becoming more popular and relevant in the world. You should be able to work effectively with the real world, business data after the use of data analysis in practice. Acquiring knowledge of this course will give you the quickest and easiest way possible.

This course is the first step you need to take into the world of professional data analysis and you don’t need any experience to take it. The course takes you beyond excel analysis and helps you express valuable insight.

If you’re looking for a career change or already making your way into the world of transforming data into value, this course will help you understand all of the key concepts and get some hands-on skills, while being directed to where you can dig in deeper when you find something you’re interested in. This course covers everything from the basic concepts of data analysis to data warehouse design and data visualization principles


  • Registration
  • Some time and willingness to learn
  • Consistent practice.

Main features of this course:

  • Provides you with the complete package to be comfortable using statistics and analyzing data
  • Covers all stages of the data analysis process
  • Very easy to understand
  • No complicated equations
  • Plain English instead of multiple statistical terms
  • Practical  with a mobile shopping case study
  • Exercises and quizzes to help you master data analysis and statistics

Who Is This Course For.

  • People who want to be more efficient at work.
  • Persons who want to update or develop their skills and analyze data the right way.
  • Persons who find the content of other courses difficult.
  • Persons who are interested in data analysis or statistics.
  • Persons who make informed decisions on data.

What You will Learn From This Training.

  • How to analyze data and how to use a statistic in practice
  • How to prepare data for the analysis
  • How to predict or explain different behaviours and events.
  • How to collect data.
  • How to visualize data
  • How to find ideas for data research
  • How to create a survey
  • How to find ideas for data research.
  • How to tell the story through data.
  • How to conclude and have profited from the results of your data analysis.

Different Tools For Our Data Analysis Training At Computer Training School Nigeria.


The knowledge of excel is essential for any professional or academic career based on data analysis. This excel for Data Analysis will take you from basic to Expert Level. It is the most commonly used data analysis software and it’s a solid foundation before learning any other.

Excel spreadsheets are one of the most extended ways of working with big collections of data. They are very powerful and they are very easy to combine and integrate with a myriad of other tools.

This excel for data analysis course will empower you by leading you through step-by-step real-world practical training for greater effectiveness in using excel for data analysis, you will learn one of the most popular data analysis tools, to help visualize and gain insights from your data and be able to apply this practical skill in any field.


This Stata data analysis training will help you to master STATA for data management, graphs and data analysis provides all you need to know to start using Stata to analyze your data.

You will learn how to confidently input and manage data from various sources into Stata and understand how to create data management routines reproducible by other researchers and essential to becoming a proficient Stata user in Nigeria


Our SPSS training is a complete step by step course to master IBM SPSS Statistics for doing advanced Research, Statistics & Data Analysis

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences-(SPSS), also known as IBM SPSS Statistics, is a software package used for the analysis of statistical data.

This course will cover everything from entering data into SPSS to interpreting the result and offers an easy step-by-step guide to mastering descriptive statistics in SPSS.


Practical Data Visualization and business intelligence using Tableau Training in Abuja Nigeria

This Tableau Training in Abuja Nigeria gives you practical hands-on training on Tableau for data analysis and data visualization

Tableau is the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics and data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry

It is the fastest-growing data analytics and data visualization tool which helps in simplifying raw data into a very easily understandable format.


Our data analysis using python course is a practical hands-on training that will help you develop your skills to become a successful Data Analyst. By taking this course, you will be able to successfully study, analyze and visualize different types of data and turn it into a valuable source of information using python.

Learning Python is a crucial skill for many Data Science job roles. Acquiring knowledge in Python for data science will be the key to unlock your career as a Data Scientist.


This data analysis training using R is meant for you

  1. If you want to know how to get started with R programming for data analysis.
  2. If you are intrigued by Data Visualizations.
  3. If you want to take your knowledge of data analysis to an advanced level.

R analytics (or R programming language) is a free, open-source software used for all kinds of data science, statistics, and visualization projects.

R programming language is powerful, versatile, AND able to be integrated into BI platforms, to help you get the most out of business-critical data.

Instead of opting for a pre-made approach, R data analysis allows companies to create statistics engines that can provide better, more relevant insights due to more precise data collection and storage.

R, and its sister language python, are powerful tools to help you maximize your data reporting. Instead of using programming languages through a separate development tool like R Studio or Jupyter Notebooks, you can integrate R straight into your analytics stack, allowing you to predict critical business outcomes, create interactive dashboards using practical statistics, and easily build statistical models. Integrating R and Python means advanced analytics can happen faster, with accurate and up-to-date data.


  • We train you to develop skills for real career growth for the digital age
  • Learn from experts active in the field, not out–of–touch trainers.
  • Practical hands-on training. Learn by working on real-world problems.

Why Should You Learn Data Analysis

A Data Analytics specialist is essential in any business. There is a growing need for employees across all areas to know how to read, interpret, and present data in a way that can be understood across all functions and inform decision-making.

If you are currently working in a management function or looking to specialize in Data, our Data Analytics course will upskill and develop your relevant data handling, enabling you to draw out insights and make strategy-driven decisions that benefit your business.

We live in a digital world, everything is data-driven and big data has become what companies rely on. Data Science, Machine Learning, and Analytics are considered to be among the hottest career paths.

There is always an application of data analytics and data science in business, accounting, education, science, engineering, healthcare, technology, energy sector, government, and so on. So having the ability to work with data is an essential skill. Combining your data science knowledge with whatever skill sets that you already have will add more value to your resume and CV.

This data analysis training in Abuja Nigeria will teach you to make better decisions, find critical insights and use today’s data tools to maximize the value of available information. Our data analysis course has a wide array of topics to fit the business needs of your organization and the skill growth needs of your people.


This course covers everything from the basic concepts of data analysis to data warehouse design and data visualization principles. If you’re looking for a career change or already making your way into the world of transforming data into value, this course will help you understand all of the key concepts and get some hands-on skills, while being directed to where you can dig in deeper when you find something you’re interested in.

If you’re already working in the data world, you can use this course as a reference. Each module is broken down into segments that answer the basic questions of what, why, how, and where.

Data is the foundation of the Digital Age. Learn how to organize, analyze and interpret these new and vast sources of information. Free online courses cover topics such as machine learning, baseball analytics, probability, randomization, quantitative methods, and much more.

Training Delivery Methods

Physical class training

Join our physical instructor-led interactive, and practical hands-on training in our training centers in Nigeria.

Live online training

learn from the comfort of your home or offices with our Virtual Instructor-Led live online, interactive, and practical hands-on training