AutoCAD Civil 3D training in Abuja Nigeria

Our AutoCAD Civil 3D training in Abuja Nigeria is a practical hands-on training where students will build real projects before they graduate

AutoCAD Civil 3D training is geared to provide learners with a solid grounding in the software so that they can immediately be productive when using the software by providing an overview of the key concepts and the software’s interface.

In order for candidates to make the most of this AutoCAD Civil 3D training course in Abuja Nigeria, they will need to have a working knowledge of AutoCAD and the various features and functionalities that the software has to offer.

AutoCAD Civil 3D training in Abuja Nigeria

Candidates will be directed and taught how the elements of this dynamic engineering program will work well together to discover the best methods for the creating, editing, and labeling of all civil engineering projects’ elements.

This hands-on AutoCAD Civil 3D training course will allow you to master the essentials required to pass the Civil 3D Certified Associate and Certified Professional exams.

Benefits of taking AutoCAD Civil training in Abuja Nigeria

1. Accurate and Reduces Errors

The principle on which AutoCAD works is a dynamic engineering model. This model blends design and production drafting together, which allows the changes to be made to any part of the design at any point in time in the entire project.

This results in error reduction and fewer chances of mistakes. Furthermore, the designs which are made digitally always have room for enhancements and improvement.

2. Save Time & Money

With a specific and user-friendly interface and workflow, AutoCAD works speedily, which saves the time of the designer.

AutoCAD supports documentation tools that increase productivity and help the designers and architects streamline the designs and documentation workflows. It also provides solutions to implement modifications in the projects, thus reducing the time taken. It is an efficient program that undertakes the designer’s work process and helps in saving time and money and reducing errors.

3. Easier Data Transfer

Using AutoCAD in Architect Designing has made it easier to share files with multiple people simultaneously.

It is not easy to work on heavy files and then share them without any data loss. But, this software has made it easy to upload the designed data on the internet and sharing it with numerous other designers.

4. Controllable in nature

This advantage of AutoCAD supports the scanning feature for the data. This technique helps in measuring the quantity of the materials used.

It also helps in calculating the exact cost of the products. Eventually, it helps in managing production and post-production processes.

5. Database for manufacturing

AutoCAD allows in creating manufacturing data such as materials required for components, dimensions, and shape of the models, product, and component drawings.

This helps in creating and managing a wide database which is an important part of the production process.

6. Easier Import/ Export of files

AutoCAD Inventor supports file import and export features. AutoCAD allows the users to import models from Inventor, and it also manages to do it quite easily and speedily.

AutoCAD also supports various other tools and features that boost the productivity of the program. Some of them being; PDF support, compatible with Autodesk 360, social media sharing, AutoCAD WS, DWG Convert, and many more. AutoCAD also supports PRESSPULL operations, allowing the users to create surfaces, solids, and offset curves with much ease. These meshes are dynamic in nature and can easily be manipulated. The designers can easily develop physical 3D Frameworks of their designs with the 3D printing capabilities of AutoCAD.

7. Apply Point Clouds

Point Cloud is a large collection of points resulted from 3D laser scanners to create a 3D presentation of default structures. The users can join these point clouds to use as a starting point for their designs.

8. Layering feature

This feature allows the user to hide or show specific details of a complicated, complex group of drawings for clear understanding.

9. Calculation

The user can calculate Mass, Area, volume, Center of Gravity in no time. This program has an Auto- Dimensioning feature that helps in designing easy and accurate sketches. The users can also generate 2D drawings from 3D models.

10. Commands

like Fill, Hatch, Section lines, chamfer, and fillet makes AutoCAD one-stop solutions to many designers as these operations are impossible in manual drafting.

11. Image tracing feature

This helps in a digital tracing of conventional diagrams and drawing.

12. PDF import enhancements

It also has an SHF text recognition tool that converts the geometries imported from PDF text to Text objects which can be edited more conveniently.

These are some of the advantages of AutoCAD. While the latest version of AutoCAD is more advanced and comes with an amazing set of tools and commands. With a new Autodesk print studio, the users can create a 3D print-ready file, and then they can directly print it. This file can be printed on almost all 3D printers.

Through this AutoCAD Civil 3D training in Abuja Nigeria, you will learn the following

AutoCAD Civil 3D Introduction to Core Elements

Data Input – Survey and Points

Surface Modelling in Civil 3D

Part Lists and Part Builder

Pipe Networks

Alignments and Corridors


Assemblies and Subassemblies


Intersections and Roundabouts

Cross Sections and Mass Haul


Data Sharing and Presentation

LDT and LandXML

Quantity Take-off

With the creation of computer-aided design programs like Autocad Civil 3D, long gone are the days of drafting designs with pencil and paper.

With Autocad Civil 3D training from Computer Training School Nigeria, you will learn essential skills such as survey and points, 3D surfaces, data shortcuts, alignments, profiles, corridors, cross-sections, plan production tools, quantity takeoff parcels, grading, and pipe networks.

Start your training with us to learn a crucial skill for civil engineers today.

The AutoCAD Civil 3d course teaches all the necessary skills to design a development project in Civil 3D. This course is the launching pad to more advanced and specialized courses offered by INFRATECH CIVIL (Road design, Surveying, Stormwater Management, etc.)

Civil 3D is the AutoCAD vertical product for Civil Engineering tasks. Civil 3D is used in Civil Engineering, Geotech, Hydrology, Surveying, Constructions, and even architecture to perform site-related work that can be imported in Revit.

So Civil 3D is a very powerful and versatile tool. Anytime you are working with site-related work, Civil probably has a tool for you.

Once you learn to master the software, just let your imagination do the work.

Who this course is for:

Anyone wishing to learn AutoCAD Civil 3D


No specific requirement but some basic AutoCAD, basic computer skills, and knowledge of basic civil engineering concepts will be a great help.

AutoCAD Civil 3D training Delivery Methods

Physical class training

Join our physical instructor-led interactive, and practical hands-on training in our training centers in Nigeria.

Live online training

learn from the comfort of your home or offices with our Virtual Instructor-Led live online, interactive, and practical hands-on training

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